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Put customers at the center of your business!

Know your customers

Smiley's dashboard shows you insightful analytics, such as repeat visits rate, NPS score, active vs slipping away customers, etc., helping you make better decisions.

Talk to your customers

Through Smiley's text-based messaging, your customers feel you are always there when they need you.

Engage your customers

Smiley offers feedback, next-visit coupon, referral features that help run your marketing automatically.

Your customer journey

This is Jenny, your customer.
Jenny arrives at your store.
Jenny fills in an intake form and signs on it.
When Jenny leaves, she gets a text message asking for feedback.
Jenny gives a positive feedback , and she shares the feedback as a 5-star rating on review sites.
Jenny also receives a coupon for leaving the feedback.
Jenny is happy ,
Smiley sends referral page for her to share.
Jenny returns to use the coupon and brings her friends.

This is Jenny, your VIP.

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