Grow revenue with happy customers.

Smiley automates check-in and marketing workflow, allowing local business owners to focus building better relationships with their customers.

How it works

1. Collect data

Visitor management

Smiley helps you enhance front desk efficiency. Not only that, you also capture your visitors' detailed information.

2. Analyze

CRM platform

Smiley manages your customers, records their activities, and segments them based on their behaviors.

3. Action

Marketing automation

Smiley offers feedback, next-visit coupon, referral features that help run your marketing automatically.

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Visitor management

Smiley Customer data collection

Customer data collection

Through check-in form, Smiley helps you collect useful information from your customers, enabling more personalized services.
Smiley Custom intake form

Custom intake form

Not only does Smiley help you collect basic customer information, you can add and customize your own intake form to easily collect more information.
Smiley Digitalize document

Digitalize document

With agreement being digitalized, Smiley remembers visitors who have signed the agreement. They are only prompted to re-sign if you’ve edited your agreement since their last visit.
Smiley Employee assignment

Employee assignment

You can assign therapists or technicians to a new visitor and track the Net promoter score® of the workers to improve services.
Smiley Visitor management dashboard

Visitor management dashboard

Time to get rid of paper visitor logs, Smiley's cloud-based visitor management system displays your visitor data on a real-time dashboard, enhancing your front desk efficiency.


Smiley 5-star reviews

5-star reviews

Smiley intelligently guides your adovocates to write 5-star reviews on Google, Yelp, or Facebook, making you stand out against competitors.
Smiley Repeat purchase

Repeat purchase

Smiley's coupon automation rewards a customer for first-time visit, encouraging first-time visitors to become regulars!
Smiley Refer-a-friend program

Refer-a-friend program

Make your promoters work! Smiley helps you design a refer-a-friend program that encourages loyal customers to promote your business.
Smiley Personalized coupon

Personalized coupon

You can send personal coupons to individual customers, making your customers feel they are important.
Smiley SMS campaign

SMS campaign

You can send blast SMS campaigns to your subscribers, which are collected using Smiley's check-in feature.

CRM platform

Smiley Insightful analytics

Insightful analytics

Smiley's dashboard shows you insightful analytics, such as repeat visits rate, NPS score, active vs slipping away customers, etc., helping you make better decisions.
Smiley CRM platform

CRM platform

Smiley manages your customers, records their activities, and segments them based on their behaviors.
Smiley One-on-one chat

One-on-one chat

Through Smiley's text-based one-on-one conversation, your customers feel you are always there when they need you.
Smiley Customer segment

Customer segment

Smiley helps you filter your customer using various attributes of the customers such as check-in behaviors, tags, NPS, etc.

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